Stade vélodrome, retour à l'accueil


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Football at the Stade Velodrome

With a capacity of 67,000, the new stadium will offer the best possible conditions for hosting prestigious football matches in Marseille.

The roof covering the entirety of the stadium will guarantee improved comfort levels for spectators, protecting them from the region’s infamous Mistral wind as well as the sun and rain. It will also amplify the atmosphere created by OM’s passionate supporters, creating a cauldron of noise within the stadium while limiting noise pollution for the neighbouring population.

A UEFA Elite status venue

The new stadium has been designed to meet the requirements of UEFA’s Elite status venues. UEFA’s stadium categorisation is a system for evaluating the quality of stadiums set out by European football’s governing body. Each categorisation is made according to criteria relating to capacity, security and comfort.

As a UEFA Elite status venue, the Stade Velodrome will be able to host the most prestigious matches in the club football calendar including the finals of the Champions League and Europa League.

Football layout for the Stade Velodrome


-Minimum capacity of 50,000 places
-Every seat must be equipped with a backrest
-Pitch dimensions: 105m x 68m
-Floodlight illuminance of at least 1,400 lux
-Permanent closed-circuit television coverage both inside and outside (136 cameras will be installed in the new stadium)
-No ditch around the playing surface