Stade vélodrome, retour à l'accueil


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The site

On behalf of the city of Marseille and its residents, GFC Construction and our partners are proud to be responsible for the renovation of the Stade Vélodrome and its surrounding areas. Our involvement in the refurbishment of this mythical arena represents a great source of motivation for the men and women working hard on this project.

Together, we will strive to complete the work within the agreed timeframe, all the while ensuring that Olympique de Marseille’s football matches are practically unaffected.

As per all of our building sites, GFC Construction’s goal is to ensure top quality work, as well as the highest possible level of safety for our employees and those of our partners. The environment around us is another of our pressing priorities, and we will make sure that this huge building project does little to disrupt daily life in the area or have any negative impact on local residents.

Our thanks go out to Arema, and to the City of Marseille, as well as to the local authorities and inhabitants of Marseille for the confidence and support they have shown us, of which we are all very proud.

The challenge is considerable, but so is our motivation.

Jean-Yves Schweitzer

Project Manager

GFC Construction.